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Configuring and Tuning a High Performance Networking Fabric for Best Performance​


This session will provide a deeper dive into HPN configuration and performance, including sample cluster configurations, tools and capabilities to simplify deployment and tuning and typical tuning guidelines.


Todd Rimmer, Director of Software Architecture and Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation

Todd is a Director of Software Architecture and Senior Principal Engineer leading Software Architecture for High Performance Networking Ethernet products. Previously Todd was the lead software architect for Intel® Omni-Path Fabric. Todd has over 20 years of experience with HPC, RDMA, Omni-Path and InfiniBand with an overall career focus on high performance IO and servers. Prior to his current role, Todd was an architect for InfiniBand products at QLogic and the Chief Architect at SilverStorm Technologies. Todd currently has 37 patents issued or in process.

James Erwin, Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

James Erwin is a software engineer at Intel, focused on optimizing Intel® Ethernet for HPC and AI. He has a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State University.