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Cryo-EM Optimized for Intel Architecture (AVX-512 and Cluster Scalability)


The 2017 Nobel prize in Chemistry was awarded to scientists pioneering Cryogenic Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) techniques for hi-res structure determination of biomolecules. Pharma companies have gone big in leveraging Cryo-EM for drug discovery. RELION is a top open-source application in this domain of molecular imaging. This session discusses Intel’s transformational optimizations leveraging AVX-512 and improvements to cluster scaling.


Charles Congdon, Software Enabling and Optimization Engineer, Intel Corporation

Charles is a Software Enabling and Optimization Engineer in Intel Corporation's Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics division. He has done software development and optimization of applications in High Performance Computing, Digital Content Creation, Life Sciences, and Financial Services during over 20 years at Intel.