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Streamline FPGA Development with oneAPI Shared Libraries


This session demonstrates how FPGA development and integration with host software applications can be simplified by building bitstreams as shared libraries. In this case, this involves a C-standard library that aligns with the C programing language specification. The application features a C++ and Python program that offloads compute to the FPGA by invoking API’s and passing certain parameters. The design starts by compiling a oneAPI application written in Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) into a C-standard shared library. Then, it offloads the processing of a 1-D Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm to various Intel® FPGA platforms.


Michael Spinali, Field Applications Engineer, Intel Corporation

Field applications engineer in the Intel Programmable Solutions Group (PSG), leader of the Intel memory interface specialist cluster, member of the High-Level Design specialist cluster, Intel Corporation