Scaling Out HPC with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


With the evolving diversity of processor options in the microprocessor industry, on-prem HPC users are faced with the problem of having to adapt their workloads to the available hardware, while the ideal situation would be to have an infrastructure that can adapt to the application. In this talk we will present the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which provides availability, resiliency, and performance at scale, so HPC users can easily choose the best option for their workloads, and provides the most complete support for hybrid cloud, to facilitate the migration from on-prem to the cloud. We will review case studies with performance observations of large scale HPC workloads running on OCI with the Intel Ice Lake Bare-Metal instances, and will finish with future directions and Q&A.


John K. Lee, Sr. Director of HPC Business & Platform Strategy, Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group, Intel Corporation

John Lee is Sr. Director of HPC Business & Platform Strategy in Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group at Intel Corporation. John has been in the HPC industry for over two decades and is responsible for Intel’s strategic partners and product portfolio strategy for HPC at Intel. Prior to joining Intel, John was the Vice President of Cluster Products at Cray, which was later acquired by HPE. While there, he led the development of Cray’s innovative Cluster Supercomputer products such as the CS400 and CS-Storm.

Taylor Newill, Senior Director of Global High Performance Computing, Oracle Cloud

Taylor Newill is the Senior Director of Global High Performance Computing for Oracle Cloud. An aerospace engineer from Brigham Young University he has run HPC startups and helped to build the HPC cloud at Microsoft Azure before joining Oracle in 2018 to launch Oracle Cloud’s HPC and Cluster Networking products.

Dr. Kurt Rohloff, CTO and Co-founder, Duality Technologies

Dr. Kurt Rohloff is the CTO and Co-founder of Duality Technologies. He has been leading the development and application of practical Fully Homomorphic Encryption since it was first discovered in 2009. He is the co-founder of the PALISADE open-source library and co-founder of the industry consortium for FHE technologies. He has led multiple DARPA and IARPA efforts to develop and apply homomorphic encryption, and he has been awarded a DARPA Director's Fellowship and other recognition for his work on FHE. He has been a tenured professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a senior scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies. He received his undergrad degree from Georgia Tech and his MS and PhD from the Univ. of Michigan.