Cornelis Networks Omni-Path Express™ (OPX) Technology: The Future of Purpose Built High Performance Fabrics in a Converged HPC/AI World


The convergence of system architectures supporting modeling and simulation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence workloads is generating unprecedented demands on the high-performance interconnects that serve as the backbone of the resulting system implementations. Cornelis Networks is focused on delivering highly optimized interconnect solutions capable of unleashing the processing potential inherent in clusters from small to extreme scale. The company is a spin-out from Intel's interconnect business bringing with it the end-to-end highly scalable Omni-Path fabric product line which currently features in 20% of the Top100 system list. Cornelis Networks is the only independent supplier of scalable fabrics for HPC/HPDA/AI clusters and delivers highly competitive performance and compelling price/performance. The talk will cover the additional challenges for Omni-Path fabrics in mixed workload HPC/IA systems and how these are being addressed with short term innovations and in future roadmaps. Consideration will also be given to the effect of AI acceleration in 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and the additional requirements of programming frameworks in the AI world. Finally, the talk will cover the work of Cornelis Networks within the Open Fabrics Alliance in particular with Libfabric and Open Fabric Interface.


John K. Lee, Sr. Director of HPC Business & Platform Strategy, Data Platforms Group, Intel Corporation

John Lee is Sr. Director of HPC Business & Platform Strategy in Data Platforms Group at Intel Corporation. John has been in the HPC industry for over two decades and is responsible for Intel’s strategic partners and product portfolio strategy for HPC at Intel. Prior to joining Intel, John was the Vice President of Cluster Products at Cray, which was later acquired by HPE. While there, he led the development of Cray’s innovative Cluster Supercomputer products such as the CS400 and CS-Storm.

Philip A. Murphy Jr., Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Cornelis Networks

As CEO of Cornelis Networks, Phil is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the company. Prior to co-founding Cornelis Networks, Phil served as a director at Intel Corporation, responsible for fabric platform planning and architecture, product positioning, and business development support. Prior to that role, Phil served as vice president of engineering and vice president of HPC technology within QLogic’s Network Solutions Group, responsible for the design, development, and evangelizing of all high-performance computing products, as well as all storage area network switching products. Before joining QLogic, Phil was vice president of engineering at SilverStorm Technologies, which he co-founded in 2000 and which was acquired by QLogic in 2006. SilverStorm’s core focus was on providing complete network solutions for high performance computing clusters. Prior to co-founding SilverStorm, Phil served as director of engineering at Unisys Corporation and was responsible for all I/O development across the company’s diverse product lines. Phil holds a BS in Mathematics from St. Joseph’s University and an MS in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania.