Intel System Server D50TNP for HPC


Fireside chat from the development team about the Intel System Server D50TNP for HPC and AI. Supporting 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and new features like PCIe Gen 4.0, this system is aimed at helping HPC users by offering multiple module types to address HPC tasks. It supports compute modules for computationally intense workloads, management modules for a typical HPC rack, storage modules offering 1/2 PB of PCIe 4.0 based storage in a single module and 1PB in 2U, and a 2U chassis that supports two Intel Xeon processors and four low profile and four FHFL DW PCIe cards.


Scott Misage, Manager Product Development & Architecture, Intel Corporation

Scott Misage is manager of the product development and architecture group in Intel with 25 years of product management.

Brian Caslis, Product Line Manager, Intel Corporation

Brian Caslis is a product line manager at Intel with 25 years of product management experience.

Jim Russell, Project Design Manager, Intel Corporation

Jim Russell is a development manager at Intel responsible for the development of multiple products at Intel and over 25 years of experience.